Structure Web Application Framework
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Structure Web Application Framework

A NodeJS TypeScript web application framework (duh).

/!\ Still in development! There are not near enough tests /!\

Use at your own risk. Also please feel free to contribute with issues, bug reports and pull requests.


Application building

  • Model, View, Controller
  • Uses express
  • Custom Middleware classes that enable advanced modularity
  • Modular models (you can add components with some definition automation)
  • Simple database migrations (raw sql queries for now)
  • Nunjucks for the view template engine
  • Mail template system using Nunjucks + MJML
  • Beautiful logging thanks to tslog


  • MySQL (persistent data)
  • Redis (cache, session)
  • (more to come)

Common systems

  • Advanced modular multi-factor authentication system
  • CSRF protection
  • WebSocket server with Controller-style endpoint listeners
  • WIP: automatic updates