An AwesomeWM configuration that'll get you started with good defaults and some bonuses.
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Simple Awesome

As simple as it sounds (not yet though)


By default, Simple Awesome uses

  • rofi - launch bar / window switcher
  • flameshot - screenshot utility
  • alsa-utils - amixer command provider (media keys volume control)

Optional dependencies

  • playerctl - enables global media control. If not present on your system, only Spotify will work.
  • network-manager-applet (nm-applet) - network control "widget" for NetworkManager only. If present on your system, we will automatically run it.
  • i3lock-color - lock your screen in a simple and elegant way

To do

  • Add a sound volume control widget
  • Add a media control widget
  • Manage workspaces
  • Improve "leave menu"'s design
  • Modify "start menu", make everything work
  • Make "start menu" and "leave menu" not sticky (they currently stay open and focus even when clicking outside)
  • Replace the os menu with a custom widget
  • Add backlight media keys to xbacklight command functionnality
  • Add icon to the battery widget

Interesting resources

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