23 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alice Gaudon 422c078458 Add basic backlight brightness control without ui feedback 9 months ago
  Alice Gaudon f56403f0bf Increase support for audio controls and add config for soundcard and parameter choice 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon e5d7c9a578 Add configurable custom hotkeys 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon 90d8d45efb Make default rofi run with `drun` and add alternative shortcut to run with `run` 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon 3c6e2d3843 Add battery percentage widget 2 years ago
  Alice Gaudon 41e377b06c Add screen locking hotkey + config and default to i3lock-color (i3lock) 2 years ago
  Alice Gaudon 12668472f8 Update keyboard layout widget and small improvements 2 years ago
  Alice Gaudon 3aa412a73f Big refactor to make simple awesome a lua module 2 years ago
  Alice Gaudon a0fee14577 rc.lua: move window tiling layouts to config 2 years ago
  Alice Gaudon 6d26491560 rc.lua: Move some keys and apps auto start to config 2 years ago
  Alice Gaudon c9c5755a26 system resources widget: Make screens it appears on configurable 2 years ago
  Alice Gaudon 64d7e9a7b0 Add system resources monitor widget on screen n° 2 years ago
  Alice Gaudon 635d4822b4 config: Add parameter for notification timeout delay 2 years ago
  Alice Gaudon 77797f8caf Add README todo, some comments and a small code cleanup 2 years ago
  Alice Gaudon c6d65d7ead Add auto starting screenshot utility (configurable) 2 years ago
  Alice Gaudon db7c6760ac Add volume control with media keys and a beautiful osd, and update notifications design 2 years ago
  Alice Gaudon df229f65dc Update config & theme lifecycle 2 years ago
  Alice Gaudon 4fa6d66d84 Update default rofi theme and apply it to rofi's window mode 2 years ago
  Arkhist ae8d2e940b Add rofi config folder 2 years ago
  Arkhist 50483f49f9 Add support for run menus and window switchers 2 years ago
  Alice Gaudon d65438528c Move terminal setting to our config file 2 years ago
  Alice Gaudon 5d3b7a08fa Add rudimentary user config file (and default content) 2 years ago