72 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alice Gaudon 5961d734b5 Don't ignore wallpaper aspect ratio 1 week ago
  Alice Gaudon 93a3caf5a4 Add hotkey to manually toggle titlebar 2 weeks ago
  Alice Gaudon 4b93a05fa5 Fix hotkey collision 2 weeks ago
  Alice Gaudon c8409703e1 Update author name and README.md todo list 2 weeks ago
  Alice Gaudon 3908cb4058 Hide titlebar for clients that request so 2 weeks ago
  Alice Gaudon f3b9ffcaf9 Revert "Disable titlebars on dialogs" 5 months ago
  Alice Gaudon 37a94eb5ed Add trailing new line to config.lua and theme.lua 2 months ago
  Alice Gaudon e3cbb2f987 Power menu: add sleep, hybrid sleep and hibernate buttons 2 months ago
  Alice Gaudon 80ba6a0aa9 Fix tiled clients swapping with non tiling and/or maximized clients 5 months ago
  Alice Gaudon 809531b189 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop 5 months ago
  Alice Gaudon a609640435 Battery widget: don't show usb device battery 5 months ago
  Alice Gaudon a29cf9e2b6 Support disabling volume control 5 months ago
  Alice Gaudon 9ea205e39c Make main menu icon configurable and add nice default 5 months ago
  Alice Gaudon e689f17a56 Disable titlebars on dialogs 5 months ago
  Alice Gaudon 2e0dc4f268 Make tiling shortcuts practical in tiled mode 5 months ago
  Alice Gaudon 422c078458 Add basic backlight brightness control without ui feedback 7 months ago
  Alice Gaudon 755eb1acc4 Fix hotkey collision with super + space 10 months ago
  Alice Gaudon eaccc4b0df Fix maximized windows' geometry being slightly off screen when loading/reloading 10 months ago
  Alice Gaudon 97e8188a1a media_control.lua: fix isMuted function not working on some devices 10 months ago
  Alice Gaudon f56403f0bf Increase support for audio controls and add config for soundcard and parameter choice 11 months ago
  Arkhist 6198fa4148 Add hide status bar hotkey Mod+P 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon c26403057c Actually use the config.awesome.autofocus setting 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon e5d7c9a578 Add configurable custom hotkeys 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon abacea8562 Update todolist 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon 7d07722ec4 Windows title bar rework 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon a4fd9ef389 Make icons white by default and add setting for power menu icons color 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon 3edb60eeb0 Slightly improve window open mode (floating/tiled) 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon d88d0188e7 Make start button run rofi with `drun` 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon 90d8d45efb Make default rofi run with `drun` and add alternative shortcut to run with `run` 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon 0a240358f8 Add more todos 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon 3c6e2d3843 Add battery percentage widget 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon b8aff62b38 Add tiling shortcuts to move windows between entire screens 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon 366811bd37 Change the volume osd design to something less invasive 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon 41e377b06c Add screen locking hotkey + config and default to i3lock-color (i3lock) 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon 12668472f8 Update keyboard layout widget and small improvements 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon 3aa412a73f Big refactor to make simple awesome a lua module 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon a0fee14577 rc.lua: move window tiling layouts to config 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon 6d26491560 rc.lua: Move some keys and apps auto start to config 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon c9c5755a26 system resources widget: Make screens it appears on configurable 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon 64d7e9a7b0 Add system resources monitor widget on screen n° 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon 635d4822b4 config: Add parameter for notification timeout delay 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon 77797f8caf Add README todo, some comments and a small code cleanup 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon c6d65d7ead Add auto starting screenshot utility (configurable) 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon 58e6624a5a Set floating windows layout by default 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon 64041db6c4 Enable support for mute media key 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon a57fc53a27 Fix audio level control not working on some configs 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon 2e93a077d0 Fix minimized window tasklist bg color 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon afce173903 Fix leave menu shutdown and reboot 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon 93009fb6cb Add custom default wallpaper 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon db7c6760ac Add volume control with media keys and a beautiful osd, and update notifications design 1 year ago