A collection of useful scripts that I typically use on my remote machines.
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Alice Gaudon 1f0f73bd4c Merge branch 'master' of eternae.ink:ashpie/server-scripts 4 months ago
caddy_docker_custom_user Refactor and automate caddy image build and update process 2 years ago
.gitignore caddy_docker_custom_user: ignore machine specific build scripts by default 2 years ago
backup2me.sh backup2me.sh: remove unnecessary protocol restriction 1 year ago
kernel-updates-check.sh kernel-updates-check.sh: display output to stdout and fix sendmail condition 2 years ago
mail.sh Add optional from email config 2 years ago
mail_wrap_script.sh mail_wrap_script.sh: don't put failure in subject when it is not a failure 1 year ago
motd.sh Merge branch 'master' of eternae.ink:ashpie/server-scripts 4 months ago
security-updates-check.sh security-updates-check.sh: add --show-testing to better filter these out 2 years ago
zfs_backup.sh Make zfs backups resumable and more improvements 1 year ago
zfs_backup_dataset.sh Separate snapshot creation from snapshot sync 11 months ago
zfs_scrub.sh Add zfs_scrub.sh 2 years ago
zsc-sync.sh zsc-sync.sh: diversify error codes, fix error detection 9 months ago
zsc.sh zsc.sh: fix variable for weekday and week number detection 10 months ago