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  Alice Gaudon cfb3a0ccbc .gitconfig: add color.ui=auto 7 months ago
  Alice Gaudon 6e1713ea69 Add picom.conf 7 months ago
  Alice Gaudon 2b16bdd4c7 Add l alias 12 months ago
  Alice Gaudon 5a2f560f02 Add config.fish 12 months ago
  Alice Gaudon 8c10dc1a95 Make audio channel optional when converting to davicin 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon 90ab3246be .zshrc: disable parent and current folder autocompletion 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon cd7cd8105c Turn nano into micro 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon accfe33aa1 Make syslog and journal commands scrollable 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon df0b860396 Remove scripts directory and enable basic autocompletion on dotgit command 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon d3f9d1abe0 Autocompletion of journal command 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon 8943274eac Add p10k config 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon 0dea8123c6 Update .zshrc with new clean config and theme 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon 166834e2a4 .zprofile env variable and startx 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon 9c3b93521c .gitconfig: lfs and editor 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon ec6249f9d6 Fix updates echo to separate issues on individual lines 1 year ago
  Alice Gaudon ae41df4a11 .xinitrc: update (numlock, awesomewm and more) 2 years ago
  Alice Gaudon a12aaaee40 .zshrc: Fix lang bug, add rndanchars command, add video convertion commands, export composer to PATH, export android dev bins to PATH 2 years ago
  Alice Gaudon 2aa7a6246b security-updates-check.sh: Add app name (better display for desktop environments like KDE) 2 years ago
  Alice Gaudon 1f4f9a85b1 Make security updates scripts ignore testing repos by default. Add 'true' as first argument to enable testing repos again. 2 years ago
  Alice Gaudon 66cbd6d36e Add a script that lists packages sorted by install date 2 years ago
  Alice Gaudon 7842482269 Remove IntelliJ IDEA jdk env var force 2 years ago
  Alice Gaudon 2365836158 Fix .zshrc repo path and add script/security-updates-check.sh 2 years ago
  Alice Gaudon 8203a7ef46 Add script folder 2 years ago
  Alice Gaudon d6feed339b Add .gitconfig 2 years ago
  Alice Gaudon 12a6b22304 Add .xinitrc 2 years ago
  Alice Gaudon b33c286d93 Add .zprofile 2 years ago
  Alice Gaudon e7e3eaf528 Add .zshrc 2 years ago